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C.R.P.F. Public School was founded in May 1988. It is an upcoming institution, which continues to add programmes and facilities needed today to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The need of a school to run on public/progressive lines was realized by the C.R.P.F. Education Society and to provide quality education to the children of C.R.P.F. personnel, who are on duty in far-flung areas, fighting insurgency or tackling various law and order problems. So, to have better standards of education and a comprehensive view of the world, it was decided to start a school which would benefit these children.
C.R.P.F. public school is located on the outer ring road in Delhi. Housed in a sprawling complex, the school students are nurtured in a congenial and harmonious atmosphere which leads to an all round integrated development of children, where in all the aspects of personality are taken care of - physical, affective, intellectual, psychic, spiritual and social. The school strives to create a culturally, academically, and emotionally rich environment where the students instinctively absorb values and develop a sense of aesthetics-an input that hones, refines and polishes. C.R.P.F. Public school started in 1988 with a handful of children It now consists of about 2071 children and 90 faculty members.

Our school mission yaaoga: kma-sau kaOSalama\  (Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam) is an extract of the 50th Shloka of the second chapter of The Geeta. It explains that one should apply wisdom to discriminate between desirable and undesirable. One should be detached while performing one’s duties. Sincere efforts to achieve excellence in one’s karma is yoga. One should remain stable in all circumstances and always strive for perfection which is the real essence of yoga.


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 PROJECT: ‘Once upon a time’


C.R.P.F. Public School was founded in May 1988. It is an upcoming institution, which continues to add programmes and facilities needed today to meet...
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