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Principal Desk


    As is your desire
                   So is your will
    As is your will        
                    So is your deed
    As is your deed
                   So is your destiny

In CRPF Public School, Rohini, we create a culture of belongingness and hard work. As is our school motto, “Yoga Karamsu Kaushalam”, “Yoga” means yukta (united) with self.

Be steady in yoga, do whatever you must do; be indifferent to failures and success. Keep samatva Budhi i.e have “Kaushalm”.
If we work with elegance, fortitude and skill, our body, mind and soul will co-operate with our hands.
Any work becomes valuable, if carried out with full concentration, dedication and abilities. It will also help us to become valuable to others as well as to society. The reward of things well done is to have done it.
In today’s scenario, I want to emphasize on simple living, so there is less global warming, so instead of life standards, have health standards, conserve your nature for your future. The first and best victory is to conquer self.
 Best Wishes to All!



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