*Click on Academics Tab for Datesheet of Periodic Test (July, 2018) *Day 1 Time Table on 17th July, 18


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Language is the window to the world. It's that medium through which we can not only learn but also express ouselves. In order to develop linguistic skills of the students and enable them to express, enact and emote, we have an English Dramatics and public speaking club.


Mathematics is an important and inseparable part of human life. It is that stream which not only enables a human being to make calculations but also be logical and well reasoned. We have Maths and Vedic Maths club in which the students are taught to be quick and subtle. The students are able to make complex calculations in a jiffy. 


Nature plays a very important role in shaping our personality. It calms our being and makes us more imaginative and creative. In order to sensitise the students towards nature and make them realise its role, we have Eco club. The students not only learn the value of green belt but also learn to keep their surroundings clean and tidy.


Amidst our lives, aims, happiness, enjoyment, achievements and all the pains, we tend to forget the underprivileged. We try our best to make them realise that there are people in our society who need help. The Social Work Club makes the students work for such people. Clothes, food etc are donated to the children who can be seen covered in tatters shivering in cold.With so many spices and flavours, India has always been a culinary queen.


With the increasing bent towards international cuisines, today's generation is highly interested in not only tasting them but also be able to prepare them. Our Meal planning club makes the students plan the food in a healthy, stylish and delicious avatar.

In this world of style, swag and attitude, everyone wants to look their best. The students enter in their early teens and try to look their best. The Fashion Designing club gives their imagination wings to create new looks, new styles and set new trends every time. They learn and make use of various materials, colors, cuts, stitches, patterns, accessories etc with confidence and poise.

It is very important to be inquisitive in life. One should be able to put up good questions and answer the questions being put up by the others. Our Quiz Club ensures that our students are able to excel in various fields of life. The students are drilled in every possible subject so that they are future ready to face various adversities.

Today's generation is very quick wth the electronics and circuits. They're not only well versed with hardware but also the software. Our Electronics Club teaches the students to check the various circuits, boards, machines etc. This club not only makes them learn about the machines but also prepares them for the future.

Education is all about co-scholastic skills. We have an Art and Photography Club wherein the students are taught to make free hand drawings, colourful strokes, master handwriting curves etc. The students also learn to capture lively moments, wonderful scenes, beautiful glimpses.

Some students studying Economics in the Senior Secondary Department are members of this club. The aim of the club is to sensitize the students to economic changes taking place all over the world. The club also provides a platform to students to exchange and express their views on worldwide happenings in the field of Economics. Various activities like talk shows, Face off, Poster making , etc are taken up in thus club.

Logical thinking, reasoning, practicality etc are all important in one's life. In our day-to-day lives, we cpme across many challenges. Some are dealt with ease while some require a lot of skill. OurScience Club ensures that our students are well equipped with logics and sceptical thinking when it comes to life and its challenges.

Emergencies can come at any time in life. Everyday we come across so many situations where we want us to know basic life saving skills. The same purpose is served by our First Aid club where the students learn some of the basic acts that may save someone's life someday.


Each musician who delights the soul of his listeners with his melodies, each dancer who stages a spectacle with his graceful performance and each actor who touches the deepest chords of his audience's hearts, was once a child with a budding talent yet unique and special in his own way. These talents and abilities which can't be confined within the pages of the books or can be manifested through theorems and equations, come alive on the stage when the jingle of the anklets and stagecraft blends with the sound of music.


The club periods organised by the schools as a complement to formal education helps in ensuring holistic development of students of various age groups and in providing specific coaching to learners with dedicated and passionate interest.


From learning to play various musical instruments, performing classical and western forms of dancing and to learn theatrics and stagecraft, students are offered different opportunities to learn a particular art form of their choice along with various other theoretical and practical subjects taught in the classrooms.


By learning to play a particular musical instrument in their Music club period, they gain knowledge of that instrument in terms of its origin, uniqueness, the culture associated with it, the people who play them, their contribution to the music world and the lives of the musicians who have gained recognition by producing music through them. The patience involved, the discipline required, the exersise given to the mind and memory is a creative means of enhancing the mental abilities required for improving one's academic performance, especially by giving the students a way of dealing with the pressure from books, peers etc.


By learning to sing in their Vocal Club period, students find the most expressive, engaging and honest way to give a voice to their mind, heart, their deepest emotions and truest desires. Nothing can be more satisfying than emotions being captured into words and charmed with music on an exhaustive day. By learning the art of singing, understanding the motives of the singer and by discussing various interpretations students are encouraged to participate and put forward their own opinions about the songs. From classical to folk and from western to pop songs, their diversity and and their specialties are celebrated amongst the youthful music lovers who learn about the inspiration behind the song, the theme, the culture it belongs to and most importantly the rhyme and rhythm that doesn't just delights the ears, but the soul and the hearts


By learning various dance forms in Dance Club, the students learn to engage themselves into an energetic and physical means of staging a visual treat. The attention required for details from the sound of anklets in classical dance form to the movements of the body in western music from the tap of the feet to the clap of the hands contribute in increasing the level of concentration in students. The physical energy required for performing both classical and western forms of dance increases stamina as well as mental strength in children. The discipline of classical dance and liberty manifested in western dance helps students to develope a positive attitude towards life.


By learning Stagecraft and Theatrics, students learn the values of companionship, team work and in understanding various aspects of life through the eyes of people from different walks of life. From a father's care, a mother's unconditional love ,the bond of childhood friendship, the complications of adult world , polital and educational institutions, voice of a comman man to the most pressing social issues, a student lives not one, not two but multiple lives on the stage. From increasing awareness to gaining confidence by conquering stage fear, by realizing the power of words and actions, each student of theatre and Street play gains a matured and bold view of both life and the society and how they unfold.


Finally, educating a child through club periods in these art forms allow a child not only to grow into an enthusiastic youthful learner of subjects from the books but also into a matured future citizen of the society, talented as an individual and as a member of the society who contributes to its welfare with his wisdom.



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