Assessment Criteria Class KG (2018-19)

Assessments in Class KG are spread over the entire span of the academic year and incorporates scholastic and co-scholastic components. It encompasses regularity of assessments, diagnosis of learning gaps, use of corrective measures and constant feedback to the parents.

It is carried out through multiple modes of assessments, participation in various activities and competitions, maintenance of note books, work habits, worksheets/response sheets and other classroom activities. Class test will be given on regular basis. Co-Scholastic areas include work habits, food habits, social adjustment, sports, music & arts. Grades are awarded in the report card. 






I TERM  I JULY  20 (10 - Activity)*
(10 - Written) 
 II SEPTEMBER  30 (10 - Activity)*
(10 - Written) 
II TERM   III  NOVEMBER 20 (10 - Activity)*
(10 - Written) 
IV  MARCH 30 (10 - Activity)*
(20 - Written) 

        Note Book Assessment
Maths & EVS:
        Hands on Activity
        Note Book Assessment

(Term I & II) 


Assessment Criteria Class I To V (2018-19)

Periodic Test 1  20  1 hour  23rd July’18 - 28th July’18 
Mid Term Exam  30 2 hours  10th Sept.’18 
Periodic Test 2  20 1 hour    12th Nov.’18
Final Exam  30 2 hours 18th Feb.’19 onwards 
Subject Enrichment
 20  - Throughout the year
 Note Books/
Activity Books/
 20 -  Throughout the year
Class Test  -  - 4th May’18 - 10th May’18


Assessment Criteria - Class VI-X (2018-19)

  1. The following periodic written tests shall be conducted by the school:

       a. Periodic Test-I of 20 marks in each subject (4th May’18 - 9th May’18)

       b. Mid Term Examination, 80 marks in each subject (10th Sept. to 27th Sept. 2018)

       c. Periodic Test-II of 20 marks in each subject (12th Nov. to 17th Nov. 2018)

 2. For Final Result the marks of Unit Test I & II shall be reduced to 10% each and Mid Term marks to 30 % of final.

 3. The Annual Examination Paper shall be of 80 marks.

 4. NOTE BOOK CHECKING: CBSE has put Note book checking as a part of internal assessment to enhance seriousness of students towards preparing notes in the classrooms as well as home assignments. For awarding marks of Notebook, there shall be 4 areas of 5 marks each. They are:

       a) Notebook upkeep

       b) Regularity and punctuality in submission of notebook / acitivity book

       c) Activity Book

       d) Homework and Assignments done.

 5. SUBJECT ENRICHMENT ACTIVITIES: The subject enrichment activities shall cover different aspects of the subject. Minimum four activities shall be conducted for each subject in the academic session. Each activity shall be judged out of 5 marks and at the end of session total marks shall be given out of 20 marks.

 6. DISCIPLINE: Discipline significantly impact career shaping and it helps to build the character, Attendance, Values, Sincerity and Behaviour shall be judged by class teacher regularly and the child shall be given grades accordingly.

 Assessment Criteria - Class XI (2018-19)

 Periodic Test 1  July  20  10
 Mid Term Exam  September  100  30
 Periodic Test 2  November  20  10
 Annual Examination  Feb/ March  100  50
     Total  100


For XII and X besides above Periodic Tests and Mid Term, there will be two pre-boards.



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